WATTS’UP® is a natural ingredient, extracted from Citrus sinensis and produced in Spain. This high quality sports nutrition ingredient is standardized for highly bioavailable hesperidin. WATTS’UP® has been designed to improve performance in both endurance and strength disciplines. Significant increases in power, energy and force have been confirmed in multiple clinical studies in athletes.

Orange flavonoids to boost performance from the start.

WATTS’UP® is crafted according to a proprietary process developed by BioActor. This process results in a unique product containing high content of S-hesperidin – the most active conformation of orange flavonoids. WATTS’UP® is optimized for enhanced bioavailability and rapid uptake. Clinical research shows that metabolites reach the bloodstream after only 15 minutes of consumption to boost performance right from the start, giving you more power, every breath you take!

100% natural sweet orange extract

Peak force, aerobic & anaerobic power

Low daily dose of 500mg

Clinically proven in athletes and recreational gym-goers

Increased production of nitric oxide for optimal blood flow

WATTS’UP® naturally stimulates the production of nitric oxide (NO). NO plays a key role in vasodilation, especially during exercise. In this way, NO helps increasing the blood flow, thus enhancing the oxygen transport to the mitochondria in the working muscles.

Improved mitochondria efficiency and ATP production

Muscle cells require a lot of energy, which is produced by the mitochondria, for daily activities and exercise. Mitochondria convert energy extracted from nutrients into ATP, the fuel of our muscles.

In vitro studies carried out by the University of Liege have shown the capacity of WATTS’UP® to increase the mitochondrial efficiency in generating more ATP at constant oxygen levels.

Proven benefits in athletes and recreational gym-goers

1. Clinical study – Aerobic power performance

  • Randomized double-blind clinical trial
  • 39 athletes with different sports background
  • 500mg WATTS’UP® vs Placebo

Performed in collaboration with

4-week supplementation with 500mg of WATTS’UP® significantly improves endurance capacity

2. Clinical trial – Anaerobic power performance

  • Randomized double-blind clinical study
  • 92 trained athletes
  • 400mg WATTS’UP® vs Placebo

Performed in collaboration with

4-week supplementation with 400mg of WATTS’UP® significantly improves anaerobic capacity and peak force

Open label study – focus on power during resistance training exercise

  • 10 regular gym warriors
  • Squat exercise
  • Supplementation with 500mg per day of WATTS’UP®
  • Participants show an overall increase in power

Performed in collaboration with


WATTS’UP® is available in two versions: ready-to-drink and standard, broadening
the potential applications. WATTS’UP® is easily combined with electrolytes, creatine, BCAAs or caffeine.
The recommended daily dose is only 400-500mg.

Effervescent tablets


Powder blends

White paper

Download the white paper and discover the scientific evidence around WATTS’UP®.


Researched & developed by BioActor

WATTS’UP® was researched and developed by BioActor, a Dutch life science company that develops health ingredients for functional foods, clinical nutrition, and dietary supplements.

Embedded in the Maastricht Health Campus, BioActor focuses on the core mission of bringing nutrition backed up by real science to consumers, helping them perform better and improve their health and well-being.

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